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Welcome to the world

So here I am, tentatively reaching for magic at the sweaty end of a gorgeous summer.   Music is my magic. It’s something that, despite repeated…

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MusicLatest Taster Tracks

  • THE CRY OF A DREAMER - I am tired of planning and toiling - In the crowded hives of men - Heart weary of building and spoiling - And spoiling and building again. I long for the dear old river. Where I dreamt my youth away. For a dreamer lives forever. And a toiler dies in a day.

    John Boyle O'Reiley
  • Music gives a soul to the Universe - Wings to the mind - Flight to the imagination and life to everything - At the touch of love everyone becomes poet - The object of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful.

  • One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

    Bob Marley
  • To accomplish great things - We must not only act but also dream - Not only plan - But also believe.

    Anatole France
  • Life is like music; It must be composed by Ear, Feeling and Instinct. Not by rule.

    Samuel Butler

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Albums & EP'sFrom the Talent @ Shack Entertainment

  • Futuristic Funk Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Futuristic Funk

    Composer: Fudge and the frequency

    Release Date:

    Genre: Funk


    1. Fudge and the frequency 03:58

  • Love is Struggling Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Love is Struggling

    Composer: Naommon Cohen

    Release Date:

    Genre: Alternative/Dance


    1. Shake to the Earthquake 04:46

  • Sunreturn Number of tracks : 12

    Album Name: Sunreturn

    Composer: Nick Marshall

    Release Date:

    Genre: Dub


    1. Lets Get Moving 03:32

    2. Jazz skank 03:14

    3. Dark Dub 07:04

    4. Flow 03:46

    5. Saltwater 09:55

    6. Patterns 04:39

    7. Rockers Reprise 02:34

    8. Uptown 03:01

    9. Organick 03:33

    10. Vibraflow 03:58

    11. Where are you now

    12. Dark Dub 07:04

  • In the meantime Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: In the meantime

    Composer: Tanikye

    Release Date:

    Genre: R&B


    1. In the meantime 04:53

  • Fingers in the socket Number of tracks : 7

    Album Name: Fingers in the socket

    Composer: Ma'Grass

    Release Date:

    Genre: Funk


    1. Complications 06:42

    2. Rooftop 05:54

    3. Just keep it groovy 05:00

    4. G.Y.S.T 05:18

    5. We are no fools 03:38

    6. Can’t stop moving 06:18

    7. Just keep it groovy 05:00

  • Cynikal Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Cynikal

    Composer: Cynikal

    Release Date:

    Genre: Hip - Hop


    1. Cynikal

  • Journey through Space Number of tracks : 10

    Album Name: Journey through Space

    Composer: Frank Freeman

    Release Date:

    Genre: Alternative


    1. Deconstruction 04:36

    2. Galactic Cucumber 04:50

    3. Flying High 05:20

    4. Grandpa Mike 03:39

    5. Hohlicky 03:49

    6. I nicked those drums 04:06

    7. Two minute Jazz 02:51

    8. You aint ready yet Mr…

    9. Funkstation Instrumental

    10. Galactic Cucumber 04:50

  • Kate Savva Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Kate Savva

    Composer: Kate Savva

    Release Date:



    1. Kate Savva

  • PlasticNoir Number of tracks : 10

    Album Name: PlasticNoir

    Composer: Miss E Bubble

    Release Date:

    Genre: Rock


    1. Shining Light

    2. Killer Alter Ego

    3. |Be It

    4. Artificial World

    5. Black Tango

    6. Lobotomia

    7. Out of me

    8. Liesmania

    9. Killing Kello kitty

    10. Miss Molastic

  • RED – EP Number of tracks : 4

    Album Name: RED – EP

    Composer: Dead at Eleven

    Release Date:

    Genre: Rock


    1. RED Track 2

    2. Red Track 3

    3. RED Track 4

    4. Wrong kinda woman

  • A message from our sponsors Number of tracks : 12

    Album Name: A message from our sponsors

    Composer: Audioporn

    Release Date: 2013/04/11

    Genre: Rock


    1. A message from our…

    2. The Spy Theme

    3. Had Enough

    4. Trapped Down Hounded

    5. Rotten Tango

    6. Picking up the right…

    7. Down Down Down

    8. Johnny Popstar

    9. All night train

    10. Here’s your window

    11. Get up Get happy

    12. Autobahn

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Artists On the fringe

  • Naommon

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    Full Name: Naommon

    Fudge and The Frequency

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Fudge and The Frequency


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Nanohead
  • Natalie Shay

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    Full Name: Natalie Shay

    Nick Marshall

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    Full Name: Nick Marshall


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Tanikye
  • Ma’ Grass

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    Full Name: Ma' Grass


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    Full Name: Cynikal

    Frank Freeman

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Frank Freeman
  • Kate Savva

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Kate Savva

    She Said

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: She SaidNick Name: She Said

    Dead at Eleven

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Dead at ElevenNick Name: Dead at ElevenPlace Of Birth: LONDON
  • Audioporn

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: AudiopornNick Name: Audioporn

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